Wednesday, 15 January 2014

the beginning

Would anyone love me?

hola 2014

its been a long time since my last post uh!

well guess what. now im on my holiday! thats why you found me here. taraaaa

i had nothing to story for
my last few month before entering to 2014 was up and down with tears, laugh, love
so many things happen in a blink of eye.
there's good and bad

well, this 2014, im 22. 
i hope i will be more mature and mature and mature 
oh ya, and of course, more rich! haha

i miss myself actually
my real me. 
its okay, this is the learning process. 
you live and you learn. and you love.

oh ya bout today, since umi din allow me to work, so i think i will make my 1 month and half is the most productive cuti ever! hahah

so i woke up early today and start my productive punya cuti with checking orders and watch youtube movie and what next to do is watching online movie. haha

and i got tons of book to read. and i need to get back my daily routine before, like updating lysa lense, updating my blogie, went to popular , buy books, watching korean movie, and blablablabla

dunno la, i lost my identities maigadd!
and my confidence level 100% down, i dunno what the problem with my skin, so many tiny pimple here and there, and getting itchy. i think i try so much product within few months, pardon me! haha
so now im trying eucerin acne set. it mention work after 15 days,, haha
kalau tak memang kena jumpa dermatologist lah :(

bye peeps.
see you next post!

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